Why SEO has so much importance in your business

Smart phone changed the world

In this decade people taking decision on micro moments. The small device mobile phone open a wide door to endless world of information. People can simply access any information about anything in the world within micro seconds. Internet have big role in decision of each person in their every day life.

Micro-moments will decide the future

Recently google introduce a concept micro moments in digital marketing. According to Google micro moments can happen any time, any where, in these moments consumers expect brands to address their needs with real time relevance. Obviously people depend on google for getting information or sources for the information.


Google will list millions of results for each query or search. According to a scientific study most of the people look only first page results. around 98% people take results from first page of google search results. Please look on the image given below.


31% of people click on first link in the Google. 14% will look second link, 10% will take 3rd result, 7%  will look on 4th and 5% will take 5th link. 10% will look remaining in ink and 20% will go to next pages. So 31 is a big number of business. If your link is not a first link you missed 31% of new leads.

Here SEO playing a big role. Without search engine optimization your website never reach in first position of the google results. SEO means it not just listing your website on google on some keywords. SEO is an art or science to reach your customer whenever they need your knowledge or suggestion in their life. SEO should be pragmatic approach.

In UAE the majority of business men less aware about power of SEO or its methods. 85% of UAE population using internet it is almost 100%. Internet has a big role in UAE daily life. UAE people spending more time (around 4 hours) in social media than TV (1.5 hour) daily.

The company don’t have a SEO policy losing a big business. Google always trying to provide accurate results for searches. The website have a unique and powerful content will get more preference. That is why people saying content is king. So content have big role in SEO.

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UAE Leading The World In Internet Usage

UAE citizens enjoying top rank in peace, infrastructure, health, and in any area of living standard. In internet also UAE leading the world. According to report published by the organisation “we are social”, UAE holds best ranking in all areas of internet. Around 96% of total population of UAE using Internet. While in middle east it is only 56% and in the world it is only 46%.

UAE holds sixth rank in internet ranking

UAE holds sixth position in internet ranking.

UAE enjoying sixth position in world Internet ranking based on users. Actually it is same as 1st rank because all other leading countries has very negligible number of users comparing to 8.8 million of users in UAE. Total population of UAE is 9.21 Million.

The digital snapshot of UAE 

UAE has 9.21 million population. 8.81 million internet users. 6.30 active social media users.

In the graph above 17.19 million mobile connection is in UAE. Around double of the total population. And 6.3 Million (68%) are active in social media and 5.6 million taking social media in mobile.

Social media rank of UAE

UAE holds 5th position in social media ranking. 68% people using social media.

UAE holds 6th rank in social media penetration in world. Around 6.3 million people active in social media.

E- Commerce

62% of people purchased online in last 30 days.

UAE ruling the region in e-commerce. People in Dubai or Abu Dhabi frequently using internet for their procurement decisions. You can see a big number of people depending internet for purchasing items. 62% of people purchase online in the past 30 days. Around 80% of people searched online for a product or service before taking a decision.

40% of total internet purchase from mobile.

Internet Marketing

It is crystal clear that Internet marketing have a big role in UAE. Each customer in UAE refer internet at least once in their customer journey.  Companies should need a strategic plan for internet marketing for coming years.

Digital Advertising at UAE

Internet or digital marketing and advertising

Digital Dubai- The New Mantra for Advertising!

Tracing the old trail

Our older generation lived in a time zone where, advertising was not quite a necessity for propagating the local businesses.

The Era of Leaflets

If you recollect, there was a time, when Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities in UAE were bombarded with pamphlets and similar colourful leaflets. This seemed to be the only mode of advertising and it was creating an impression for a long period of time to the public.

As years advanced, people learnt from experiences and of course; put their minds to improve the concept of spreading news about companies. This was mainly due to the fact that though leaflets looked great, it involved a lot of time, and effort to distribute them. Apart from that, these advertising schemes had to follow numerous municipal government laws, making the concept of advertising all the more cumbersome. In spite of these problems, advertisers chose this mode because it was the cheapest way of providing Ads for local business.

The companies which could afford to advertise in better and more attractive styles chose huge bill boards and sometimes even video advertisements were produced. These seemed to have a better impact on the public, but simultaneously faced the problem of not being able to communicate to a very proportion of the local community and also very expensive.

Digital Marketing Age in UAE

After many years, technology began to bloom and creeping into the lives of the common man. This was when it struck a bell in the minds of innovative advertisers. This paved way for digital marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Local business also opted for digital marketing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Some of the common early adopters were restaurants, gyms, beauty parlours and spas.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Traditional Advertising

The biggest advantage of this form of marketing is that advertiser, can, fine tune his advertisements as per certain criteria, like target audience, budget, time frame, culture etc. A fine example for this type of internet marketing is the Google display and search ads system as they change the advertisements based on what the Google user is searching for.

Now, let’s suppose a situation like a mall or a supermarket that was being run in the early 90’s in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. If you go for shopping, you may have come across thousands of leaflets being distributed as a medium to alert potential customers.

This poses certain problems like:

  • It may come across to only 30% of the shoppers at that time.
  • It is also quite costly.
  • Plus, it may not able to attract all the intended customers.

What do you gain through digital advertising?

Take another alternative that can be handled wisely with the help of digital marketing. Suppose you need to advertise a cosmetic product, and the advertiser chooses to advertise via digital marketing mode. As per Google, once we give basic details, the software will identify the best matching results and then help us to send advertisements to the right target audience within a stipulated period of time. Let us examine the merits:

  1. Fast rewards:

In this mode, the Return on investment is actually rewarding.

In this case, Google identifies the gender as female and accordingly the right combination of our preferences will be given to these the supposed target audience without much wastage of time, money and effort.

  1. Reach:

Now when concerned with digital marketing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, many options like Television and printed advertisements are looked down upon, because we really don’t know how far it can reach the right audience. Another reason is that most TV channels are based according to the local languages, so if foreign communities happen to fall in your target audience, then better opt for digital marketing.

  1. Instant results:

If you use Google adwords and Googe ads, since it is universal website and also as it is known for its quality, you probably understand what convenient digital advertising is all about. Plus, nowadays, there are methods to calculate the inflow and outflow of data, transactions and popularity of each and every product, service, idea, company, campaign or personality in the market today. This is all possible through digital marketing and none other than that.

So this is why advertisers need to switch over to digital marketing as it helps to accommodate affordable budgets, larger target audience and also can be customized quickly at the click of a button.