Why SEO has so much importance in your business

Smart phone changed the world

In this decade people taking decision on micro moments. The small device mobile phone open a wide door to endless world of information. People can simply access any information about anything in the world within micro seconds. Internet have big role in decision of each person in their every day life.

Micro-moments will decide the future

Recently google introduce a concept micro moments in digital marketing. According to Google micro moments can happen any time, any where, in these moments consumers expect brands to address their needs with real time relevance. Obviously people depend on google for getting information or sources for the information.


Google will list millions of results for each query or search. According to a scientific study most of the people look only first page results. around 98% people take results from first page of google search results. Please look on the image given below.


31% of people click on first link in the Google. 14% will look second link, 10% will take 3rd result, 7%  will look on 4th and 5% will take 5th link. 10% will look remaining in ink and 20% will go to next pages. So 31 is a big number of business. If your link is not a first link you missed 31% of new leads.

Here SEO playing a big role. Without search engine optimization your website never reach in first position of the google results. SEO means it not just listing your website on google on some keywords. SEO is an art or science to reach your customer whenever they need your knowledge or suggestion in their life. SEO should be pragmatic approach.

In UAE the majority of business men less aware about power of SEO or its methods. 85% of UAE population using internet it is almost 100%. Internet has a big role in UAE daily life. UAE people spending more time (around 4 hours) in social media than TV (1.5 hour) daily.

The company don’t have a SEO policy losing a big business. Google always trying to provide accurate results for searches. The website have a unique and powerful content will get more preference. That is why people saying content is king. So content have big role in SEO.

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