UAE Leading The World In Internet Usage

UAE citizens enjoying top rank in peace, infrastructure, health, and in any area of living standard. In internet also UAE leading the world. According to report published by the organisation “we are social”, UAE holds best ranking in all areas of internet. Around 96% of total population of UAE using Internet. While in middle east it is only 56% and in the world it is only 46%.

UAE holds sixth rank in internet ranking

UAE holds sixth position in internet ranking.

UAE enjoying sixth position in world Internet ranking based on users. Actually it is same as 1st rank because all other leading countries has very negligible number of users comparing to 8.8 million of users in UAE. Total population of UAE is 9.21 Million.

The digital snapshot of UAE 

UAE has 9.21 million population. 8.81 million internet users. 6.30 active social media users.

In the graph above 17.19 million mobile connection is in UAE. Around double of the total population. And 6.3 Million (68%) are active in social media and 5.6 million taking social media in mobile.

Social media rank of UAE

UAE holds 5th position in social media ranking. 68% people using social media.

UAE holds 6th rank in social media penetration in world. Around 6.3 million people active in social media.

E- Commerce

62% of people purchased online in last 30 days.

UAE ruling the region in e-commerce. People in Dubai or Abu Dhabi frequently using internet for their procurement decisions. You can see a big number of people depending internet for purchasing items. 62% of people purchase online in the past 30 days. Around 80% of people searched online for a product or service before taking a decision.

40% of total internet purchase from mobile.

Internet Marketing

It is crystal clear that Internet marketing have a big role in UAE. Each customer in UAE refer internet at least once in their customer journey.  Companies should need a strategic plan for internet marketing for coming years.

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